The first soluble all-purpose cleaner!

The idea was born from a simple observation: most cleaning products contain more than 80% water... which we have in abundance at home!

This water is usually packaged in disposable plastic and its transportation around the world contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).

LA REVOLUBAR reinvents home care, with simplicity!

Includes 3 soluble refills (3 x 7g)

From the kitchen to the bathroom, this capsule is ideal for the regular maintenance of your washable surfaces. It cleans effectively and shines, without leaving streaks. Leaves a fresh note throughout the house.

Average use time of 500 ml of household liquid: 1 month.

A few facts:

- Every day, a billion plastic bottles are bought. Nearly 550 million of them end up in the oceans, affecting more than 660 species worldwide.

- On an average annual consumption of conventional laundry detergent, we have enough to kill the entire ecosystem of a 6 hectar pond.

STEP 1: Fill a 500 ml bottle with water (ideally a spray bottle).

STEP 2: Put a TANIT cleansing cap in your bottle

STEP 3: Close your bottle and shake it to dissolve the capsule in the water.


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