Explore and combine the virtues of terrestrial and marine flora in order to substitute products from the petrochemical industry with innovative natural products that are respectful of health and the environment and whose effectiveness is scientifically proven.

Each product is designed by our team of scientific engineers in order to respect our fundamental values.


QUALITY, HEALTH: We are inspired by the best nature has to offer to develop high quality products that are safe for your health. We rigorously select the best ingredients, from responsible sources, for a dosage that maximizes its effectiveness.

INNOVATION: We are constantly looking for perfect synergies of botanical active ingredients. In our laboratory, we use all our know-how and expertise to offer you innovative combinations and complete formulations.

RESPONSIBILITY: Having nature at heart, ecology is at the heart of our concerns. We avoid single-use packaging and favour the refill concept as well as local purchase. By favouring Quebec suppliers, we reduce our carbon footprint while supporting the local economy!


ZOHRA / Co-Founder

Coming from a family of doctors, Zohra has always had an endless interest in science. Both down-to-earth and dreamy, she has chosen to pursue an open-minded profession that leaves room for creativity: engineering. She is currently completing a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering at Polytechnique Montréal, where she is learning how to optimize every facet of her business.

Inspired by the flowers she grew in her garden, she made her first organic cream at the age of 16. Since then, she has made it a point of honour to consume products that do not have harmful effects on health.

Motivated to be a vector of change, Zohra embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure in parallel with her studies. It is with her husband Mehdi that she gives birth to TANIT in 2018. Through this initiative, she wants to have the greatest possible positive impact on the well-being of others and on the planet.

MEHDI / Co-Founder

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Mehdi learned very early on that "Who risks nothing has nothing". Dynamic and in constant search of innovative ideas, he founded his first company at the age of 15. His passion for sailing made him realize at an early age the harmful effects of over-consumption of plastic. He therefore led several initiatives with associations to clean up beaches. During his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, Mehdi was always convinced that it was possible to find healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives using the principles of green chemistry.

It is by observing nature that man has made great discoveries! Following the death by cancer of one of his loved ones, he decided to develop natural products, with the motivation to offer everyone the choice to consume better without having to compromise on efficiency or convenience.


Particularly curious and passionate about science since she was young, she began her academic career with a technique in chemistry (focused on the environment) obtained in France. Her first professional experiences, in research on biosourced materials, as well as her instinctive closeness to nature, quickly gave rise to her desire to work towards a more eco-friendly chemistry. Later, her desire to discover the world led her to pursue her studies in chemical engineering in Montreal, where she met the people who would become the PHYTOFAB team.

Having spent her first years of life in a rural context in Mali, she expressly believes in the power of natural products and always prioritizes the quality and origin of raw materials in her formulation choices.

ETHAN / Customer Relations Manager

A born traveller, Ethan has thrived in the different places where he has lived since he was young. It was in Montreal that he began his management studies at HEC, to focus on logistics and information technology. Particularly involved in the environmental cause, he adopted a stricter diet early on. It was his sense of approach that allowed him to join the PHYTOFAB team, with which he immediately identified: developing products that respect the planet is a cause that is close to his heart!

Passionate about design and communication, Ethan ensures the ongoing management of relationships and participates in the creation of content. His joie de vivre and quiet strength allow him to create the most pleasant work environment possible.

ELORRI / Operations Manager

Originally from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Elorri grew up in close proximity to natural and marine environments. Immersed from an early age in natural, local and environmentally friendly consumption, her commitment to these principles is innate.

A graduate in industrial engineering, she has always had a keen interest in project management and logistics. Organization is her strength! In fact, it was at Polytechnique Montréal that she met Zohra, in 2016, with whom she shares her Montreal background and experience, not to mention her many values and commitments.

One thing leading to another, Elorri decided to embark on the PHYTOFAB adventure as a project manager and procurement manager, motivated by her various experiences in the manufacturing environment and her desire to revolutionize consumer habits.