TANITABS solid toothpaste: the toothpaste reinvented

Tablets toothpaste, good for oral health and the environment!

Did you know that a billion tubes of toothpaste are thrown away every year?

Toothpaste, one of the most commonly used products in the world, is certainly one of the most polluting items (not to mention toothbrushes). Used for only a few weeks, it is almost impossible to recycle the tube of toothpaste once it is finished.

Always having at heart to develop products that are healthy for the body and the environment, Phytofab and TANIT have joined forces to reinvent toothpaste and its container! After several months of research and development, the time has come to unveil the new essential for your bathroom: TANITABS!

TANITABS is a toothpaste in tablets that offers you nothing less than to reinvent every tooth brushing session! Created entirely from natural ingredients (whose effectiveness has been proven), the small toothpaste tablets are offered in a reusable glass container (a refill in a small biodegradable bag is available online). A waste-free solution that can replace conventional toothpaste without compromising quality or taste.

Easily transportable TANITABS will make your brushing as pleasant as it is eco-friendly.

We are really excited to launch this brand new product, developed in collaboration with our sister company TANIT, which we have been working on for several months now. Not only does it offer a more natural alternative to traditional toothpaste, but it also reduces our ecological footprint considerably thanks to its minimalist and reusable packaging.

- Mehdi Laourine, co-founder of Phytofab and TANIT.

TANITABS solid toothpaste is composed of :

  • Nano-Hydroxyapatite: the main component of our teeth. It remineralizes and repairs the surface of the teeth, restores their original whiteness and softness, reduces dental sensitivity.

  • Xylitol: natural educator from birch bark. It reduces tooth decay and treats dry mouth.

  • White clay: to gently whiten your teeth and limit the formation of tartar.

  • Tea Tree: To protect your gums.

  • Grapefruit seed extract: to fight against bad breath.

  • Spearmint: for instant and long-lasting freshness.

Tested with target groups, people's comments have been very positive. We have put a lot of work into the composition of the tablets to not only clean your teeth, but also to provide a pleasant taste and texture in your mouth. Using a component called Nano-Hydroxyapatite (the main component of our teeth) it is already the envy of dentists!

- says Zohra El Gharbi, co-founder of Phytofab and TANIT.

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