Phytofab now in Communauto vehicles!

A well-protected community with Phytofab!

You may have noticed the small bottles of hand sanitizer in a few Communauto cars lately? And good news, we are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful 60 ml bottles in all Communauto cars in the greater Montreal area!

After a test conducted over a few weeks in its vehicles, Communauto is now extending the pilot project to its entire fleet of 3,000 cars.

This pilot project, carried out in close collaboration with the Communauto team, aimed to find an adequate and practical solution to allow users of self-service cars to protect themselves and others!

The main goal was to equip the entire fleet with small bottles of gel and to refill them regularly during vehicle inspections, while ensuring that the bottles would always remain available in the cars.

Stages of this project :

  • The first step was to equip 800 vehicles and to observe the consumption and behaviour of users towards the product.
  • The product was a real success, only 1% of the bottles were misplaced. A label affixed by Communauto asked the user to leave the bottle in the vehicle, which most people did!
  • The pilot project having been a success, Communauto decided to extend its partnership with Phytofab and to bring the small bottle of Phytofab disinfectant gel inside all vehicles.
  • The Phytofab team decided to design a personalized label to highlight this local partnership, which is in line with our vision of "consuming locally".
  • With an ecological vision, in line with our values, we have chosen to supply Communauto in bulk, in large reusable containers. This way, their team can easily refill the small containers during inspections, which allows for a great deal of autonomy, and we are thus reducing the project's ecological footprint.

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